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About tree trunks and family trees.

If our company was a tree his annual rings would have a lot to tell. The roots of the Kilgenstein GmbH extend up into the 19th century...

The year is 1850 when Andreas Reis commited himself to the green resource. That was when he founded a wood and charcoal trading, that soon achieved good reputation in the close vicinity. Oswald Kilgenstein was his successor.

Today`s Kilgenstein GmbH can be directly traced back to his son. After the second World War Alwin Kilgenstein built up the saw mill between the two districts of Edelbach and Kleinkahl. He was a man of vision.

Technical innovations were never long time coming. The production of railroad ties and forming material necessary in post war times for rebuilding was being continuously displaced by the manufacturing for the domestic trade and for the national building industry.

As one of the first saw mills in Germany we used fork lifts for wood manipulation. The original saw mill expanded to a multiservice provider with planing mill, centre of wood joining and packing station – best thanks to the innovative spirit of Alwin Kilgenstein!

Today we operate internationally. Our plant areas include 70 000m2 and house five branches of industry. Every day a huge amount of first class wood products leave our depots. Kilgenstein GmbH is an allround healthy company, that can rely on its employees.

A sprout has grown up to a proud tree.
We hope its annual rings will continue to have a lot to tell.

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Kilgenstein GmbH
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