Kilgenstein GmbH

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Knock on wood.

At Kilgenstein`s it´s all about one thing: Wood.

We produce timber, contructional solid wood and wood packings – ready to build, accurate to a millimeter and individual. Without any problems we can even design roof trusses, panel walls and wooden frames according to customer request and deliver them quickly.

Not barking up the wrong tree.

For sure the production of ready to assemble wooden parts for mass consumption is not realizable without concrete know-how and up to date technology. This is why Kilgenstein GmbH attaches great importance to qualified employees, latest machines and coninuous advancements.

Not at all wooden.
Our high quality standards are our incentive. This accordingly applies to our comprehension of service. As our main focus is the contentment of our customers, we give all out information, react flexible to special demands and organize smooth logistics.

We invest a lot.
We also want a lot:
Your courtesy.

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Kilgenstein GmbH
Sägerei Hobelwerk Zimmerei
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63828 Kleinkahl - Edelbach

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